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"I have had three jobs (two major and one minor) completed by Artistic Concrete Lifting and have been very pleased with the results. The work was done exceptionally well and at prices that others could not match. I thought I would need a brand new pool deck since mine dropped on one end over about a 15-year period.
Frankly, I was amazed that it could be returned to proper level at a fraction of the cost of getting a new pool deck. When we purchased our Florida home from a friend, he informed me of a crack in the wall between a new cement- block addition and the front of the house. Roy Labard looked at the crack and determined that it has been there for many years, probably dating back to when the house addition was added twelve years earlier.
He methodically forced a special cement-like material under the addition, closed the crack and then sealed and painted where the old crack had been. This treatment required special equipment and expertise and it worked perfectly.
There was no high-pressure sales talk and we were advised to seek other estimates. We did so and returned to Roy Labard and Artistic Concrete because we liked his previous work.
Honest, price-conscious, knowledgeable, experienced, dependable and from the area... it doesn't get better than Artistic Concrete Lifting.
On two occasions, Roy Labard returned to our home on his own to inspect the long-term results of his work. Only the best do that!"

- Bruce Cassie

"Roy, Appreciate you getting the job done so promptly.  Thanks so much!"

- Bev H., Bradenton

"I gave you an “excellent rating”!"

- Fran M., Sarasota

"Thank you for doing such a nice job on our driveway.  We will certainly recommend you to everybody."

- D.H.E.

"Thank you for your recent good job at Las Casas.  We appreciate your work."

- Tom W., Property Manager, Venice

"Artistic Concrete Lifting, a professional mudjacking service gradually returned the slab to the original level.  As I watched some of the work progress, I could appreciate the artistry as well as the technique.  Patio lifting is cheaper than removing and repouring concrete.  It also should solve the problem of the voids left by rotting tree roots beneath the slab.  The result should be a lanai floor that last longer than the house it enhances."

- Article in Sun Herald by Kim Cool.


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